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We are a 100% independent app that helps you pick healthy products

Download the app & scan a product barcode to start getting healthier.


We assess food products on 3 things ...



Nutritional value

(Health Star Rating)



Artificial additives

(may be harmful) 



Organically farmed or not
(organic is better)


... to compute an easy to understand health score

We scan packaged foods for health data & score them out of 100

How to Use the App


Simply scan a packaged food or drink and we will analyse it to assess its health impact. 

Each product is scored out of 100, and graded with a simple colour code to indicate the "healthiness": Excellent, Good, Limit or Avoid. 


We show the product's overall health summary, as well as a detailed view that explains the nutritional values and the presence of any artificial food additives. Each product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria: nutritional quality, presence of artificial food additives, and if a product was organically farmed. Essentially our health scores are like a Health Star Rating ... but with EXTRA criteria applied.


Users can submit data for any missing products, or if they see incorrect label data.


Our ratings are 100% independent

We do not work with any supermarket, brand or agri-food group. Our ratings are based on international nutrition guidelines and clinical data about food additives.


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