How do we calculate the Health scores?

We base our health score on three elements. The Nutritional composition of the product accounts for 70% of the total Health score. The calculation is based on the European NutriScore that is in the process of being adopted across Europe. This method takes into account the calories, protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, fibre, salt, and the percentage of fruit, nuts and vegetables. The presence or absence of harmful additives accounts for 20% of the total Health score. Our system scans label to detect any banned or not authorised in Australia additives. Additionaly, we also subtract points from products that contain harmful additives that are authorised in Australia but for which the scientific community now have reservations. If the product is Organic or not will account for 10% of the total Health score. Due to the lack of pesticides (as well as the lower impact on the environment) organic products are healthier.

Why do products have different score scales?

Depending on the type of product you have scanned, we will use a different scale of Protein, Fat, Sugars etc, to calculate the Nutritional Value element of the product. This is in accordance with the Heatlh Star Rating guidelines as determined buy nutritionists

What is the “Fat Ratio”?

The “Fat Ratio” only applies to butters, fats, oils and margarine and measures the ratio of Saturated Fat to Total Fat. The lower the amount of Saturated Fat in this ratio and the healthier the product. Our Australian diets are high in Saturated Fats and limiting their intake will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Why do some products not have a health score?

Some products do not have a health score because the NutriScore is not adapted for: Infant formula Alcohol Protein powders & Supllements Sugar Pet Foods Salt Honey

Why do Infant Formulas not have a Health Score?

Babies nutritional requirements are very different than older children or adults. The NutriScore calculation is not well adapted in determining the health score of Infant formula and for this reason we have not given any health scores to Infant formula. Should you see a health score on any Infant formula in our app this is a mistake. Please use the navigation in the app to alert us to this mistake so that it may be rectified.

Does ShopJam score Pet Foods?

We do not score Pet Foods. Pets and humans have different nutritional needs so the NutriScore can not be used to determine the health score of a pet food.